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3 Tips To Applying Makeup Over Acne Prone Skin!
1. Dont Cake face! Apply Foundation, and make sure you let each layer dry between applying powder, setting spray, etc!
2. DO layer your makeup! It helps cover acne texture more effectively! Check out this video on how to layer your makeup:
3. Dont do dryness! Exfoliate gently to get rid of fakey dry skin that could sluff off with makeup brushes, and make sure to treat skin gently- irritated skin is acne prone skin!

Music in this video!
“Candy” By Mitchell Rose!

What Im Wearing! BCBG Maroon Off the shoulder sweater/top!

Makeup Im Wearing!
Tarte Cosmetics Aquacealer Foundation:
Charlotte Tilbury “Rebel” Lip Look:

3 Things About Acne People Get WRONG!

How To Layer Your Makeup For Flawless Skin:

How To Make Any Lipstick Matte!


  1. Lisseth Solano says:

    I love your videos! I’m 26 and I have oily acne prone skin. Your videos are
    really helpful. What do you apply first moisturizer or primer before
    foundation ?

  2. Lily Salvator says:

    Every since I was a teenager I always had large pores and would show
    through even makeup. I have searched for products to reduce the size of my
    pores but never found the right product. Until now, I have been using this
    Argan rain %100 Pure Argan Oil product for a couple of days and I have seen
    major improvement. The serum is goes on easily and doesn’t dry out your
    skin. This has become one of my favorite products for my fave.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    I never had acne as a teenager.. I am plagued with adult acne and I have
    tried a variety of products. I am so happy to find one that works! Ultra
    Nourishing argan life Oil is an amazing combination that keep me hydrated
    and my skin feels clean. My acne ranges from minor blemishes to cystic
    acne! Give this a try! soooo happy to find a product that actually works in
    the process!!!

  4. Abigail Gomez says:

    What primer do you recommend for acne prone skin? I have cystic acne and
    scarring. Sorry if you mentioned it in an earlier video :/ xoxooo

  5. Elaine Curtis says:

    You’re so lucky to have such amazing natural beauty!!! #flawless

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