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Hey Everyone, My 7 DAILY makeup hacks, tips, tricks that i use in my Everyday makeup routine, these are super easy, inexpensive which also help you to get ready faster and quicker. You can continue using the same products you have and just use these tips to help you make your life a little simpler when you’re on the go and i feel Every Girl must know these hacks to make her life a little simpler! I hope you guys liked the video!

Shalini xx

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My 7 DAILY Makeup Hacks & Tips Every Girl Should Know To Get Ready Faster
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Shot by- Aashish Chavan
Edited by- Anurag Tiwari

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  1. Amrita Singh says:

    Apne jo ban wala hairstyle kriya h uska video bana dikhta ossum lag rha h

  2. Dishita Gupta says:

    The hack….. For using the lash curler for upper lids.. It’s so amazing.. I never knew… Amazing!!!!

  3. rupal vaghela says:

    Can u help me out hair fall prblm…?
    Give me a home remedy for hair fall rescue

  4. Bharat Patt says:

    Audio isnt so pleasing
    Love ur videos though 😘😘

  5. aditi shevde says:

    Lookie fabulous ….plzz reply knot me preety…

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