What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag?! Travel Hacks / SUNDAESINS

Tips on how to pack light, what’s in my travel makeup and toiletries bag,
and here are some of the products I take with me on a trip!

? Most of the products I mentioned are in my 2015 MAKEUP FAVs video:

? ? Too Faced semi sweet Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Review:

Can’t wait to tell you MORE about my trip!
But seriously tho, Where should I visit when in Siem Reap?!

PS, for those who are using earphones, sorry for the buzzing construction sound in the background, SORRY!

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  1. Aniita Chan says:

    I hope those bags are in stock online ??´╗┐

  2. Edna Prater says:

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  3. icreame gaf says:

    can you do a video about your hair? what shampoo you’re currently using?´╗┐

  4. Ly Teang Huy says:

    Things to do :
    Eat street food
    Try amok and lok lak fried rice
    Spa (there is a lot of spa and massage places in SR)
    Fish massage
    Eat palm sugar
    Hot air balloon ride

    Places to check out :
    Cambodian cultural village
    Pub street
    Angkor duty free store
    Landmine museum
    Ta prohm temple
    Banteay srei temple

    Where to eat :
    Malis restaurant
    Bugs cafe
    Krorya restaurant
    The blue pumpkin cafe (delicious ice cream especially baileys and rum
    raisin flavors)
    Viroth’s restaurant
    Hard rock cafe
    The grey khmer grill

    Be careful with the products that you buy, sellers usually charge more for
    tourists. (^o^)´╗┐

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